Uolo Shield Premium DragonTrail™ Glass

Uolo Shield Premium DragonTrail™ Glass


We’re excited to introduce our new premium Uolo Shield Dragon Glass screen protector. This premium screen protector is stronger, lighter, and more flexible than our regular Uolo Shield Tempered Glass screen protector and our Panda Glass screen protectors. Our new Dragon Glass is made by Japanese ASAHI Dragontrail Pro Glass, which is one of the most popular and durable glass materials on the market.

Uolo Shield Dragon Glass uses the float process method to create a more durable glass, by sending liquid glass over a furnace of molten tin. Particles are then added for strengthening before the glass is quickly cooled and sent for cutting. Today, there are a large number of major smartphone manufacturers use Dragontrail glass to make the screen for their devices worldwide.

We will be launching this new line of glass screen protectors with the iPhone 13 models and current iPhone 12 models.

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