About Us

Uolo About Us

Uolo is derived from Yolo, meaning U Only Live Once. At Uolo, we believe people should smile as much as possible. Uolo is an attitude that encourages people to enjoy and embrace life with a smile. Remember to SMILE because U Only Live Once!

Founded by a team of passionate SMILE specialists and mobile accessory professionals in Canada, Team Uolo combines the most important element of people’s lives with the most exciting industry of the 21st century to share our beliefs, and to spread our Uolo attitude to our lives.

Our Social Media

At Uolo, we realize how important and powerful social media is in today’s world. By embracing the latest trends and utilizing the fastest means of communications, our SMILE specialists would love to help spread your stories of joy around the globe through our social media sites, so more people can be inspired and smile with you together.

Like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram @UoloOnline. Let our SMILE specialists know what puts a smile on your face. In return, we have surprises waiting ahead to make you smile even more.

Our Products

At Uolo, we strive to encode the Uolo attitude into our products. We design our products with premium quality materials and trendy features to simplify your life. By incorporating the most cutting edge technologies, our products will always bring more satisfactions and put more smiles on your face no matter at work, at home or on the go.

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