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Buy One, Get One 50% off with promo code: UOLOBOGO50
Buy One, Get One 50% off with promo code: UOLOBOGO50
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Terrific Sounding Radio and Bluetooth Speaker

This little Radio and Bluetooth portable speaker is terrific. The radio frequency is great. Once radio mode is turned on, it searches for clear signals. There is no digital radio display but it picks up all surrounding clear signals. Using Bluetooth, it connected to my phone instantly. The sound quality is great; the speaker produces clear music. The portable speaker feels well made and durable. Battery charge seems to last a long time. It shows that it is waterproof so I took it to the beach without having to worry about it getting wet. I had it at the beach and then at home in the back yard running for 12 hours straight and it was still going. Definitely will take this to the beach and use it for back yard get togethers.

Steve V.

Bought this Uolo Pulse GloWave specifically as a Job site Radio, to have some music while working; nice and small and battery life seems to be great. Great for price. Sound is what you would expect at that price point. Had it for 2 weeks, hopefully will last.


Powerful USB-C Port!

After searching for long time for a power strip with usb-c port powerful enough to charge my laptop, I finally found this! This only has 2 power outlets but for the price and my needs, this is worth it! The USB ports work so well that it's able to charge my phone, tablet and laptop all the same time with no problem. I definitely recommend this product.


Hassle Free Warranty Claim!!

I have recently filed a warranty claim for my broken Uolo Shield screen protector. All I did was to submit a copy of the original purchase receipt and a photo showing damaged protector on my phone. It got approved right away, but there is shipping and handling charges that I need to pay through their website to get the unit ship to me. overall it was a great feeling how easy and quick the warranty claim process was.

Amanda T

 Great speaker. been using it for a while now. good volume on most songs. some songs are lower than others, but that because of the songs themselves not the speaker. when selecting songs,can only fast forward or go back one song at a time. would be nice if could go faster. the + and - buttons serve two purposes. turn the volume up and down and to skip songs. took a while to get used to it. battery life is pretty good if you turn the lights off. overall a great speaker. i use it on my bicycle and i get lots of looks and get some people dancing some times. ha.


Great chrome book Charger

I bought 2, and they work great at charging the Kids Chrome books. Highly recommend.

Joanna Stella

Great PD Charger

The unit is lot smaller than the Apple charger and also cost less. It charged my iPhone perfectly. I would definitely recommend this charger

Johana D

Great Sound, Easy-ish to Use Controls, Pretty Comfortable

I got these after trying another pair that looked similar, but these worked much better. I’m not super picky about the sound quality, but these headphones have a surprisingly clear sound. I didn’t hear any distortion when blasted and they fit snug (the smaller ear tips fit best for me) so it blocks out the outside noise pretty well. The touch controls were quite hard to use at first, but after I emailed the support team they guided me to some videos that showed me how to use the controls better. So like I mentioned earlier, I tried a different pair of wireless buds before, but the phone call sound only came through on ear, and they always cut out randomly…With the uolo pods I haven’t had any connection issue so far (other then the initial pairing which was kind of tricky) and the phone call sound works in both buds. Good job with these, great value!

Heather S

Great Quality Screen Protector

I have purchased this screen protector for my iPhone 12. The unit show up after 2 days of even the confirmation said it might take a week. Great Job Uolo for the fast delivery service!!!