What is PD?

What is PD?

When it comes to charging your electronic devices, such as cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc. the variety of solutions in today’s market seems endless. Regular charging, Fast Charging, QI enabled, this ever growing list of options all boast about being the best solution, and many are good options for single device use. But as our need of power consumption grows, we now require multiple chargers for multiple devices and this can start to get messy with all those power bricks and wires. This is where PD comes in, this new method of charging solution might just be the answer.

So, what is PD?

The acronym PD stands for Power Delivery, this technology enables compatible devices to be charged at a faster rate than any other charging solution currently on the market. PD chargers can be up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging.

How does PD work?

PD chargers use USB-C cables to transfer power and data, using the new USB-C cables allows for much faster delivery of power/data at up to 20 amp/100 watts. The chipset in PD units detect the type of device attached and delivers power at the ideal rate for said device.

Why use PD?

PD is the new universal standard that offers a faster more efficient way to charge all newer devices (cellphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatch etc.) on the market, and allows consumers a single charging solution for all the devices they own (no more drawer filled with random cables). In addition, for those who travel shorter distance with their vehicles, using a PD car charger allows you to charge up to 50% within only 30 minutes of charging time. Of course, a PD power bank will also allow the traveler to recharge their PD enable devices much faster on the move.

What are the devices supporting PD?

  • iOS: iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus or newer models, iPad Pro
  • Android:
    • Google Pixel 2/2 XL or newer models,
    • Samsung Galaxy S Series - S8 or newer, Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+/A70/A80
    • LG G Series – G6 or newer, LG V Series – V30 or newer,
    • and many more.

Laptops powered via USB C ports. A 27W PD charger will support laptops, but a 39W PD charger will recharge a laptop at a faster speed. (A 18W PD charger won’t work well with laptops)

PD can also be used to support wireless charging pads. A 27W PD charger will be enough to power up a dual fast wireless charging pad at 10W each plus a smart watch. Of course, a 39W PD charger will be able to support more devices at the same time. It can be used to power up a charging station.

Here at Uolo we offer a full line of PD charging solutions as well as Type C to Type C and Type C to Lightning Cables. Check them out below:

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