Uolo Guardian for iPhone 7

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Uolo Guardian for iPhone 7 has all kinds of features ranging from precision cut access ports to the protective bumper and honey comb interior which is military drop tested! But we like to think one of the best of those features is the choice of colours to pick from so you can truly show case your personality to the world.

iph7guardianblkMysterious Black: How can you go wrong with Basic Black? It goes with everything! But there is a lot more to it than just “basic”, black is mysterious and thought provoking, when you look into that deep dark abyss of it gives you a sense of perspective and makes you inquire about the unknown. Black is also timeless and elegant with an era of sophistication and all the prestige that comes with authority.

Does Black mystify you?


Pearl White: There is nothing more timeless then white, it embodies purity, innocence and perfection. It is clean and simple. White has a brilliance of its own, with clean lines it’s very modern in style and has an illuminating effect.

Is White illuminating to you?




Navy Blue: Like that favorite pair of jeans, Blue represents reliability, confidence, and stability. It is calming, tranquil and deep like the ocean or the gentle flow of a river, and yet still sturdy, trust worthy and precise. Blue fosters understanding, peace and knowledge allowing for sincerity to show through.

Is Navy Blue profound enough for you?



Passionate Red: The colour of love, Red is intense, passionate and full of desire. It inspires impulse to do daring things and pursue ambitions. Red is associated with leadership that summons action, determination and willpower.

Are you passionate about Red?



Imaginative Lavender: A colour not commonly found in nature Lavender awakens the imagination and allows creativity flow. Because it is not easily found in the natural environment lavender is associated with mystery and magic. On the other hand it can be linked to royalty, luxury, extravagance and wealth.

Does Lavender inspire you?


Uolo Tangerine: Our signature colour, Tangerine is communicative, expressive and fascinating. This colour is connected to optimism, enthusiasm and happiness. Tangerine also motivates health, strength and endurance.

Does Tangerine make you feel bright?



Love Pink: Sweet as pie, Pink is playful, delicate and charming. It is connected to unconditional love, Pink is affectionate, tender and approachable. It also as a very light-hearted side that is silly and frisky.

Does Pink delight your Spirit?




Fresh Green:  Just like the spring grass, Green symbolizes freshness, growth and renewal. It is calming natural, balanced and is in harmony with the environment. Green can also be representative of money and ambition.

Does Green make you feel one with nature?



iph7guardiantealCool Teal: A very Zen colour, Teal cultivates clarity of mind, open communication and recharges the spirit.  It encourages idealism, friendliness, and caring, Teal is the sum of the best parts of Yellow, Green, and Blue it is uplifting, helps you grow and keeps you balanced. It is a calm influence that develops the powers of observation and healing.

Does Teal put you at peace?


Spontaneous Yellow: Bright as the sun, Yellow is full of Joy, happiness and is cheerful as can be.  It is a lighthearted colour that represents spontaneity, energy, hope and optimism. Yellow embodies honor and loyalty with a positive vitality.

Are you enthusiastic about Yellow?



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